A play-based program where babies explore & parents do less.

Being With Baby is designed to help parents discover ways they can enjoy being with their baby in a simpler way, through observation and play-based classes. For babies 4 - 14 months.

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Me and Emma

What infants need is the opportunity
and time to take in and figure out
the world around them.


What do you do with a baby?

Between the sleepless nights, shifting identities, and a baby that changes each week, the first year with a little one is very overwhelming. Once you get through the first three months, many parents wonder "okay, what do you do with a baby?".

There are plenty of sensory classes and mothers groups out there. Being With Baby is different as we help parents discover how to understand and enjoy being with their baby, without all the stimulation and entertainment. Less is more.

At Being With Baby, we help parents to;

  • Observe more
  • Help babies explore safely
  • Make days simpler
  • Trust in their growing competence
  • Get time to themselves back
Home blocks 01

Exploration in a relaxed
& safe environment.

Babies don't need constant engagement and entertainment. They're naturally curious and hardwired for exploration. As caregivers we need to provide a space for play, then get out of their way. Do less.

Being With Baby sets the stage for independant exploration using play-based therapy techniques, and helps parents bring it into their homes.

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Focused attention that fills their cup.

Many parents think they need to provide stimulating activities on top of an already busy day caring for their babies. But what we all need is active attention from the people we care about, not more things to do.

Being With Baby guides parents in making ordinary activities like nappy changes a special time to reconnect, rather than a chore to rush.

Helping parents get time to themselves.

When babies can enjoy uninterrupted play, and parents have given them moments of focused attention, the foundation is laid for connected separateness.

Babies play confidently when their emotional 'cup' is filled up, which means parents can enjoy extended amounts of time to themselves in their babies presence.

A bit about us

I started Being With Baby because I wanted to help other mums through the transition to motherhood.

My daughter is nearly a year old, but it wasn't until she was around 7 months that I felt confident and calm in a way that meant I could really enjoy being with her.

Being With Baby encorporates what I've found makes days easier and babies happier — time for self-directed play, moments of focused attention, and respectful caregiving.

Before you have a baby there are classes about giving birth and changing nappies, but nothing that supports parents and babies through what comes after. Until now.

I'm excited to be joined by Talena, a calm soul and mother of 5; and Georgia, a paediatric physiotherapist with the biggest heart.

About team 1

Talena Benedet


About team 2

Jillian Ghiculescu

Program Director

About team 3

Georgia Schuller


How a class works

Through the Being With Baby program, small groups meet each week for 6 weeks. Each class is 45 minutes long, with time for free play, observation, and parent support.

20 mins

Active Observation & Play

The core of the program, where conversations stop and the babies explore under the active attention of their parents. Our facilitator helps them work through conflicts like toy grabbing and face touching, but parents are encouraged to watch and wait. See how independant and capable your baby already is.

Program 01
5 mins


Time for settling in and any feeding or nappy changes. Parents are encouraged to catch up and help themselves to coffee.

Program 02
10 mins

Group Discussion

After the quiet observation, we look back on what the babies did and didn't do. How did they react when another took their toy? How did you as a parent react? It's a time to reflect as a group on your own assumptions, and whether your baby surprised you.

Program 03
10 mins

Questions & Closeout

Time for group questions and common concerns. Teething remedies? Separation anxiety? Short naps? We provide age appropriate guidance while other families are encouraged to share what has worked. We finish with a couple of songs.

Program 03

Frequently asked questions

Do less, so you can enjoy your baby more.