Parent Infant Class


Toddlers Class – Term 3

For babies aged 16-24 months.
22nd Aug – 26 Sep 2019
Crestwood Community Hall, Coronet Court, Thornlie, WA

Facilitated by a RIE® Intern and Early Childhood Educator, these classes are an opportunity to observe, discover and enjoy the unfolding natural abilities of your baby, while they learn to problem-solve, be curious, and interact with each other.

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About the class

Our Parent Infant Class is an opportunity to observe, discover and enjoy the unfolding natural abilities of your baby while they learn to problem solve, be curious and interact with each other, all under the respectful guidance of a Early Childhood Educator. 

These classes are here to help you get to know your baby, discover where your baby is at in their development and guide you in your parenting journey through adult discussions around different parenting topics.

These days there are many baby classes made available to parents. Our classes are different! Instead of doing things to babies, we sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know them, how capable, competent and amazing they are.

The class environment is a safe, secure and challenging space. We have very specific play objects and equipment chosen to meet the developmental needs of each individual child.

Babies who get together, in the same small group each week, learn to interact and socialise with each other. They build knowledge and skills in navigating social situations, problem solving and build strong relationships.

Where are you now?

  • Are you looking for a place for your baby to interact and socialise with other babies? 
  • Would you like a peaceful, inviting space for your baby to visit each week?
  • Do you have parenting questions or challenges you would like guidance with?
  • Would you like to learn how to observe your baby to understand their stage of development?
  • Are you wanting to meet other like minded parents? 
  • Would you like an opportunity to relax, switch off, and be fully present with your baby? (not having to think about the mountains of dishes or laundry you need to do? :))

How does it work?

Parents and baby meet in the same small group each week, during the school terms, up until the youngest turns 2 years old.


Come into the space with your baby and find a place to sit. Please stay in this spot for the duration of the class so that your child knows where you are within the space. When you and your baby are ready, lie your baby down in front of you. Your baby is free to venture out from this secure base as he or she feels comfortable. We will spend the first few minutes getting comfortable and greeting the other parents and children.



During this time sit back and observe your child in free, uninterrupted play. One principle of the Educaring® Approach is sensitive observation, and in doing so we are better able to understand our babies communications and needs. The class facilitator will interact with the children using selective intervention. This goes on for an extended period of time. Please see the following link by Janet Lansbury about uninterrupted free play.



When all the children are able to sit up on their own a snack and water is offered at this time. Children can come to snack if they choose to, or not if they choose not to. The point of the snack is for the children to learn to be in small, social groups around a caregiving activity. Putting on bibs, washing hands, taking off bibs and cleaning up are part of the process of every snack time. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the children to feel comfortable participating in snack and that’s fine. This is an opportunity to demonstrate setting limits, offering choices and slowing down caregiving moments.


Adult Discussion: 

This discussion can be around anything that you noticed during the play period, questions about things your child is doing at home, questions about development, discipline etc. The facilitator might ask specific questions, talk about what was observed, or just open up a discussion about anything the parents wish to talk about.



The facilitator moves around the room slowly with a basket and collect the toys/objects. The children may be asked to put toys in the basket, which they may or may not do. You as the parents sit back and let someone else clean up (for a change!) 🙂

End of Class


How much is the class?

For a 10 week term the cost is $198


How long will the class go for?

Each class runs for an hour and a half.


What’s included in the cost?

The weekly one and a half hour sessions in our peaceful, purposefully created play environment.

Parent guidance around topics such as toilet learning, feeding, sleep, setting up play spaces, connected caregiving etc.

A free 30 minute consult with our class facilitator in your home or over Skype so you can ask questions and received guidance with anything you need, for example setting up a play space.

Access to a closed facebook group to connect with the other parents in the class and ask further questions for support outside of the class times.


Who should book a class?

Anyone with an infant or toddler from ages 3 months up to two years old.


My child is reluctant to leave me. Will this class be suitable for them?

We are sensitive to the needs of each individual baby. If you baby is not ready to  venture out from you as their secure base that’s ok. Some babies will enjoy observing others and getting comfortable in the environment before they will decide to join in. Please do not encourage your child to seperate from you if they are n to ready by pointing out toys asking them to go and play. Trust them that when they feel ready they will.


“You don’t have to teach. You don’t have to buy more gadgets. You don’t have to do anything. Both of you can just exist and enjoy the developing relationship between you”.
– Magda Gerber



Emily McDonald is a RIE® Intern based in Perth, Western Australia.

Emily McDonald is a parent educator at Being with Baby facilitating Parent & Baby Classes and workshops on infant & toddler care, influenced by Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach.

She has been a passionate Early Childhood Teacher in Perth, WA for 9 years, was awarded both the Education Department’s prestigious WA Beginning Teacher of the Year award, and the Sangora Education Foundation Beginning Teachers’ Award, studied the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education in Italy in 2013, completed her RIE® Foundations Course in LA in 2015 with RIE® Associate Patricia Ryan, and in 2016 completed her RIE® Practicum under the mentorship of both Patty and RIE® Associate Sharon Smith.
Emily is currently completing her RIE® Internship to become an Associate. 

Emily has two young sons and a daughter who inspired her journey into respectful care of infants & toddlers.