Connecting with Nature – Outdoor Playgroup


Connecting with Nature, Outdoor Playgroup – Term 4

For children 18 months to 4 years
Thu 17 Oct – Thu 19 Dec
Fremantle Arts Centre, 1 Finnerty St, Fremantle, WA

Facilitated by RIE® Intern and Early Childhood Educator Emily, these classes are an opportunity to observe, discover and enjoy the unfolding natural abilities of your baby, while they learn to problem-solve, be curious, and interact with each other.


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About the playgroup

Our Connecting with Nature outdoor playgroup allows your child to experience being out in nature, while they develop skills in problem solving, creativity, self-exploration, decision making, social interactions and cause and effect.

There is no set structure to our playgroup. We encourage you to observe your child during their play to learn and discover what they’re working on, are interested in, and curious about.  In doing so we can connect with them on a deeper level and see their authentic true selves unfold. 


There are play schemas which emerge in children, and are vital for their brain development. Our connecting with nature playgroup is the perfect setting for them to explore and experiment with these urges. 


The playgroup is run by an early childhood educator with up to date first aid training. While at the playgroup please feel free to ask our parent guidance specialist any questions about child development, sleep, feeding, caregiving, challenging behaviours or anything related to your child and parenting.


“Babies thrive out of doors. They sleep better, eat better, look better, play better and learn better” – Madga Gerber.

  • Are you looking for an opportunity for your child to interact and socialise with other children?
  • Would you like a peaceful, inviting space for your baby to visit each week?
  • Do you have parenting questions or challenges you would like guidance with?
  • Would you like to learn how to observe your child and to understand their stages of development?
  • Are you wanting to meet other like minded parents?

Children learn through play and exploration, so the purpose of this playgroup allows your child to experience being in nature while they develop skills in problem solving, creativity, self-exploration, decision making, social interactions and cause and effect.

Where is the playgroup held ?

The playgroup is held at Fremantle Arts Centre, an amazing outdoor play space designed to challenge and reward children’s exploration and adventure.

*Please Note: This venue is a public space and we cannot obtain exclusive use.


When is the playgroup?

Thursdays from 9:30-11am, for the dates noted above.


How much is the playgroup?

For a 10 week term the cost is $150


How long will the playgroup go for?

Each playgroup runs for an hour and a half.


What should I bring?

In addition to your child, please bring wet weather gear, a towel, change of clothes and a snack for your child.  This is an all-weather playgroup.

A parent or guardian is required to stay in attendance and supervise their child at all times.


Can I bring my child’s siblings ?

Younger siblings are welcome. If they are 18 months or over please register their attendance. 


Who should book a spot?

Anyone with a child from ages 18 months up to four years old.



“You don’t have to teach. You don’t have to buy more gadgets. You don’t have to do anything. Both of you can just exist and enjoy the developing relationship between you”. 
– Magda Gerber



Emily McDonald is a RIE® Intern based in Perth, Western Australia.

Emily McDonald is a parent educator at Being with Baby facilitating Parent & Baby Classes and workshops on infant & toddler care, influenced by Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach.

She has been a passionate Early Childhood Teacher in Perth, WA for 9 years, was awarded both the Education Department’s prestigious WA Beginning Teacher of the Year award, and the Sangora Education Foundation Beginning Teachers’ Award, studied the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education in Italy in 2013, completed her RIE® Foundations Course in LA in 2015 with RIE® Associate Patricia Ryan, and in 2016 completed her RIE® Practicum under the mentorship of both Patty and RIE® Associate Sharon Smith.
Emily is currently completing her RIE® Internship to become an Associate. 

Emily has two young sons and a daughter who inspired her journey into respectful care of infants & toddlers.